CLS 1500 HW

In this mid-section we will follow the Mexican people as they encounter more diverse groups, particularly “European-Americans.” Through a chronological and critical investigation, we will examine diversity as it pertains to race, justice, economic stability and growth, health, and focus on Mexican-American policies and patterns of resistance as well as the struggle for inclusion, from the Civil War up to the 1960’s.Due: Assignment #2 10/10/2018.Write an essay that illustrated the distinction between “Diversity” and “Equity” in one of the following areas: Journalism/News/Media, Real Estate, Employment/Management, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Cinema or, a relevant area of your choice, giving special attention to Chicanx/Latinx located in the US during the 20th century.Your essay is to appear at the end of section 2 and consist of 5 to 7 paragraphs with a minimum of 2 outside academic sources w/MLA Work Cited list and at least 2 source form required text: “Whitewashed Adobe” or “An american genocide”. (Text is attached)


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