***DO NOT PUT IN ESSAY FORM, BUT YET AS ANSWERING TO EACH QUESTION BY THE NUMBER ASSIGNED TO IT.(my life story, I had three children by the age of 22. married to the father of all my children at age 23). my father left my mother and 4 children when I was 9.Discussion #1We’ve covered a few very important characteristics of good writing this week: How to write effective sentences and paragraphs, avoiding common errors, documenting your sources, and thinking critically as you write. Now, here’s a scenario that will allow you to practice what you’ve learned.For any writer, telling one’s life story in three paragraphs can be a challenge, but an exciting one.Initial Post RequirementsFor this reflection, write an initial post composed of three sections:Your life story in roughly three full paragraphs.A reflection: What was challenging about writing your life story in three paragraphs? (one paragraph minimum)A Personal Writing Plan: With this assignment in mind, list some areas of written communication on which you’d like to focus in order to become a better writer.Some areas for writing improvement include (but are not limited to):grammar and punctuationsentence structureparagraph structureorganizing thoughtsusing the best wordingwriting with clarityDiscussion #2This week, we’re in the early stages of planning for our final essay. You may have already selected a topic. If you haven’t, select a topic for our persuasion essay about which you are passionate. Click on the link below for a list of approved topics.https://content.learntoday.info/Learn/G124fw_Summer_15/site/Media/Persuasive_topics.docxDiscussion #3What are the distinctions between professional, social, and personal writing? Do you have a different approach for each? Do you see yourself as strong in one or two areas but needing work in another?Discussion #4This week’s reflection coincides with the persuasive essay you will be finishing next week. So far, what has helped you improve your writing in general and your persuasive writing in particular?


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