EssayTOPIC: In a five-paragraph essay explore three thematic reasons that one of the above assigned stories is still being read and appreciated so many years since its first appearance. In other words, based on what messages/lessons it communicates explain why the story has survived to this day and is relevant to contemporary readers. Be sure to focus on details from the story as you develop and support your claims.(Hint: Refer to this week’s readings on THEME, pages 1062-63, as well as to the study questions that follow each story.)“That Evening Sun” (323-35)Prejudice was very much in evidence in “Cathedral” and here we find it raising its ugly head once again. Along with that is the power of fear. Consider what the story might be suggesting about the effects of fear and the adult world upon Nancy and the children. Be sure to look up the words to William Christopher Handy’s song, “The St. Louis Blues,” from which the story’s title is taken.“Désirée’s  Baby (177-80)As you read and appreciate this story, pay particular attention to the themes of American slavery, miscegenation, and the difficulty of             assigning race.Then read and enjoy ”Cathedral” (33-42 and study 43-48) and during your study consider the following questions:Along with characterization, setting, structure and symbolism, this story offers much that we can learn about the writer’s craft. When weconsider the theme or message the story might be communicating, we must pay close attention to the central symbol in the story – thecathedral. Why do you think the author chose to centralize this in his story? What part does it play in the story’s central epiphany       (moment of revelation) at the end of the story?


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