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I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment on each paragraph.CommentNursing assessments provide insight on what patients understand about their health status, what more they need to know and their redness to learn are the initial steps when developing an individual care plan (Ashton & Oermann, 2015). Discussing with the patient and establishing learning goals, including them in the teaching and education time line will create an opportunity to have them feel like a participant in their health care. Assessing the environment, distractions, prioritizing nursing care to allow time to sit down with the patient and give undivided attention to that individual and the family members or support who is included in the education. Information being provided should be at a six-grade reading level, visual or hands on models demonstrate skill in a encouraging environment using eye contact and allow involvement of patient, family members, and friends who can help reinforce learning material and praising or rewarding patients allows them to feel empowered to provide self-sufficient care (Smith & Zsohar, 2013). A care plan should have measurable objectives that cater to the patient’s individual needs specific to their health condition, age, cultural beliefs, education level and motivation to want to learn.CommentAs educators, nurses must teach patients according to all learning styles and be aware that other variables are likely to present that affect patients’ ability to learn. Because of this, the important task of patient education is often challenging for health care providers”. Education is continuous throughout the whole nursing process. The first and most important point is to assess patients before education, include age, education level, mental attitude regarding health status, cultural beliefs, motivation, and knowledge of current health status. Nurses should have good communication skills. From the aspect of the patient, we can build trust and a therapeutic relationship with the patient. Everyone’s’ understanding and acceptance are different. Also, styles of learning are different too, they can approach a learning situation through visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and read/write in which is the most useful choose can enhancing to learning for them. We need to provide appropriate learning methods depending on the patient to enhance acceptance outcomes. I had given discharge instructions to two different patients. One patient said that I can read it by myself, another patient that I have to read and explain it for him. When they all accepted the discharge instruction, the feedback was very good at both of them. The nurses as an educator who is not only knowledge education to patients, the more important that is feedback, through feedback information to check whether it reaches the expected goals of education or not. Of course, our education target is not just a patient. The education of family members, groups, communities, and populations that is also very important, so the patients can be more supervised and monitored. “The nurse can improve patient satisfaction and outcomes by implementing quality educational interventions based on the patients’ specific educational needs. Several theories and models aid in explaining and initiating health promotion behavioral changes. The family systems theory relates to the structure and function of the family unit”.:


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