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I need a 2-3 sentence comment for sentence 1Sentence 1What is the muddiest point in understanding the concept of “health” in today’s world of healthcare?I need a 2-3 sentence comment for paragraph 2Paragraph 2″According to the World Health Organization (n.d.a), health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behavior toward a wide range of social and environmental interventions. The concept of “health” is no longer viewed in black and white thinking as a disease free individual vs. diseased individual. Health used to be viewed as remaining free from signs and symptoms of infectious diseases. Now, it has become more complex, taking an interest in each individuals state of well-being regardless of having a disease process or not. Health is now viewed in a holistic manner including the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical elements of ones being. Keeping one’s elements in balance through health promotion, disease prevention and risk reduction have now become the focus of health care. Illness may occur if one of these elements is thrown off. However, if someone has a diagnosed disease, that does not always mean they are ill or not “healthy”. If someone has a chronic illness such as, Diabetes but it is well managed, blood sugars remain stable, and the individual carriers out their activities of daily living with no complications and this person is happy with themselves then this person might consider themselves to be in their personal optimal state of health. Health promotion overall, has shifted from educating patients on the symptoms of an already existing condition and treating those symptoms but to that of an entire preventative approach. Nurses are an instrumental tool in promoting healthy living, identifying risk factors for individuals and educating patients on steps they can take to care for themselves and live their best lives disease free. With health care and medical technology rapidly changing, it is crucial that that nurses provide their patients with the leading evidenced-based-practices to produce the safest and best possible outcomes.:


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