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Divorce or any type of split in the family dynamics can be devastating to a child and teen.  My parents separated but remained married when I was in my early teens.  This was truly a mixed situation with mixed emotions for me.  I did want the separation due to abuse in the home but I did not want to move away from my friends, my extended family and my new school.  Not only did we move out of the home but we moved to another city hours away.  It was a horrible readjustment in housing, school and neighborhood.  Yes, I am still overcoming issues from that event.  Fast forward to current events, I got married to a guy that had a young child from a previous relationship in a different state.  I encouraged my husband to bring his son into our environment and our lives to help bridge the gap. I must mention that there was tension from our son’s mom.  She did not want her son involved with the dad’s relationship.  Not wanting to give up on the possibility of a relationship I kept encouraging my husband not to get discouragement.  We were able five years later to get our son in the summers.  Unfortunately, our son adopted his natural mom’s attitude and views.  It was a turbulent relationship not really blending at all.  This is a sobering subject for me.I NEED YOU TO COMMENT FROM THIS POST, 150 WORDS NEEDED AND A REFERENCE:


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