Nursing: HP Strategies & Tactics

This week’s quiz is on Chapter 8: Physical Activity or Chapter 11: Injury Prevention. Choose ONE of the prompts to respond to. Include detailed, and clear descriptions. Use ONLY the TEXT as a reference for this exam. Include APA citation and reference in the response.PROMPT A: Chapter 8  Physical ActivityReview the case of “Complete Streets Policies” at the end of Chapter 8.  Then, answer the following questions:· Provide a detailed summary of the background of the issue/problem (Think 5 w’s & how).· State, describe, and clearly explain two (2) examples of policy implementation/solution (or proposed implementation).· Include a detailed explanation of why each of the policy implementation/solutions (or proposed implementations) was effective or ineffective.ORPROMPT B: Chapter 11 Injury Prevention· State, describe, and clearly explain one example of successful policy implementation for injury prevention policy.· Then, include a detailed explanation of TWO different components of the advocacy process** outlined in Chapter 17, and listed below, as it relates to the policy implementation you selected. (HINT: Select only the components of the process that the text clearly describes),**Advocacy Process as outlined in Chapter 17:1.Define the problem and possible solutions2. Form a coalition3. Begin “Ground Softening”4. Determine Who Has the Power to Make the Change Sought5.Translate research for Decision-makers and the Public6. Understand the Opposition7. Understand Public Opinion8. Outline Possible Solutions9. Consider unintended consequences9. Plan Your Media Advocacy Strategy10. Evaluate Your Advocacy Efforts:


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