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Topic 3: HIPAA’s influence on medical researchAffirmative (Pros): HIPAA should be amended to allow greater access of medical information to medical researchers. (Group 4A)Negative(Cons): HIPAA should NOT be amended to allow greater access of medical information to medical researchers. (group4N)In your paper: Identify and define the issue. Include information for BOTH sides of the argument. Whom does it affect? What are the pros and cons? Discuss both sides of the issue. What does the public need to know?CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntro25.0 to >19.0 ptsHigh ProficiencyDeliberate, creates interest Gives title/author if needed Clear, concise and specific thesis statement19.0 to >14.0 ptsModerately High ProficiencyAdequately introduces topic Thesis statement may be lacking specificity.14.0 to >9.0 ptsProficientIntro is too short – does not introduce topic Thesis statement is vague- should be more narrow9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-Level ProficiencySome intro components missing Thesis statement is poor or unidentifiable4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientThesis missing Introduction does not introduce topic25.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBody: Organization25.0 to >19.0 ptsHigh ProficiencyOrganized throughout Logical, clear sequence Completely supports thesis Exhibits critical thinking Has consistent transitions Proper in-text citations Excellent transitions19.0 to >14.0 ptsModerately High ProficiencyWell organized Easy to follow Thesis could use more support (adequate but not extended) Majority of citations are correct Shows some original thought Has several transitions Majority of citations are correct14.0 to >9.0 ptsProficientSome org. problems Some gaps in flow Not enough thesis support Shows little original thought Some transitions Citations are incorrect9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-Level ProficiencyDifficult to follow May jump topics Does not prove/support thesis Citations incorrect Very few transitions4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientNo sequence Jumps topics frequently No in-text citations No transitions25.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBody: Fluency & Mechanics25.0 to >19.0 ptsHigh ProficiencyUses excellent vocabulary Stays on topic/meets assignment Correct tense/point of view Has sentence variety Correct spelling/punctuation Writes in scholarly style19.0 to >14.0 ptsModerately High ProficiencyAttempts higher level vocabulary with some success Stays on topic/meets assignment Mostly correct tense/point of view A few sentences lacking in variety Few spelling errors Writes in scholarly style14.0 to >9.0 ptsProficientRange of vocabulary Some tense/point of view errors Occasionally strays off topic Some sentence fragments/run-ons Proper spelling Quality of formal language9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-Level ProficiencyVocabulary level Some tense/point of view errors Does not meet assignment requirements Many sentence fragments/run-ons Many spelling errors Majority of writing is informal4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientImproper word choices Many tense and point of view errors Fails to meet assignment Many mechanical errors Writes informally25.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConclusion25.0 to >19.0 ptsHigh ProficiencyDeliberate closing strategy Does not introduce new material Paraphrases thesis, but does not merely repeat introduction19.0 to >14.0 ptsModerately High ProficiencyAdequate closing Does not introduce new material Re-states thesis in same words, but does not completely repeat introduction14.0 to >9.0 ptsProficientWeak closing Does not introduce new material Merely repeats introduction9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-Level ProficiencyWeak closing Introduces new material Does not refer to thesis4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientNo formal closing New material introduced Does not refer to introduction25.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAppearance25.0 to >19.0 ptsHigh ProficiencyNo APA errors in margins, font type and size, spacing, headers, references, and citations19.0 to >14.0 ptsModerately High ProficiencyHas 1-4 APA formatting errors14.0 to >9.0 ptsProficientHas 5-7 APA formatting errors9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-Level ProficiencyHas more than 7 APA formatting errors4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientNo evidence of APA in paper25.0 ptsTotal Points: 125.0PreviousNext:


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