Nursing: Read Carefully

Read & Complete Question 1Due 3/15/189am New York/Time Zone250 Word CountSubmit Plag ReportMLA FORMATCite References CorrectlySession 7 IntroductionBabies passing through the birth canal are exposed to massive doses of their mother’s normal flora (biota). However, babies born via cesarean section (C-section) bypass this natural process. Some studies suggest that babies born by C-section may have a higher risk of certain conditions such as allergies and asthma, and researchers are not certain why. Some parents have taken it upon themselves to correct this imbalance of having these microbes withheld from their babies at birth by the mother having her vaginal canal swabbed and then applying this swab over her baby.Question 1: Reflection: Though there are no approved procedures for this and very little supporting evidence so far that this technique has any benefit, do you think babies delivered by C-section should be swabbed? Are there any disadvantages? :Get your Paper done at:


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