Nursing: Reflection Pulse check Reply – (1)

Please reply with one reference to the following post.Week 5 Reflection Pulse checkThis course expanded my knowledge about the historical evolution of the advanced practice nursing, and the stages of growth, evolution and changes it went through. Many challenges Nurse Practitioners have faced and struggled to become recognized as important and effective healthcare professionals working in clinical and nonclinical settings (Tariman &Szubski, 2015).Advanced Practicing Registered Nurses (APRNs) in advance clinical setting, administration, informatics and research, each got a duty to make a difference in not just nursing but in healthcare. APRNs as primary care providers provide preventive care and education, diagnose and treat illness, manage chronic conditions. Others educate coming future nurse and train them on becoming good caring RN’s. Informatics develop and update health system for your easier access. Some take administrative positions; some continue making difference by making policies.Some APRNs continue improving nursing via research and evidence-based practice, researching new methods to promote health and to prevent disease, quality improvement and how to increase safety standards, which will lead to excellent care.Collaboration is defined as Healthcare professional assuming complementary role in working, cooperating, problem-solving, and carrying a treatment plan together, as evidenced by physicians, nurses and other health professionals (Reeves et al.,2017).  It important to understand the importance of effective communication, having the ability to listen, understand and send a massage in understandable form depending of the recipient’s age, educational status and mental ability. It’s essential to apply what we learned about democratic leadership, involve and listen to everyone, this will make communication and collaboration more effective.ReferenceReeves, S., Pelone, F., Harrison, R., Goldman, J., & Zwarenstein, M. (2017).Interprofessional collaboration to improve professional practice and healthcare outcomes. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (6).Tariman, J. D., & Szubski, K. L. (2015). The evolving role of the nurse during the cancertreatment decision-making process: a literature review. Clinical Journal of OncologyNursing, 19(5).:


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