Nursing: Reflection Pulse check Reply – (2)

Please reply with one reference to the following post.Week 5 ReflectionMy goal to become a Registered Nurse began with the feeling that I had while helping others. My mom became sick when I was in middle school. She went from near death to energetic and happy. The nurses provided her with the tools to survive. The historical evolution of the advanced practice nurse begins with experiences just like mine. To know nurses before me, went into the homes of sick and poor individuals and gave them hope that makes me feel a sense of pride.Instructor and class,Nursing comes in many different forms from nurses working in advanced clinical settings in the hospital to nurse educators that influence safe practices. Advance nurses also can work administration and influence policies and procedures within the healthcare system. Nursing informatics is another area that is growing and driving the electronic health records that are required by law. Nursing informatics drive evidence-based research and practices and incorporate them into a system that nurses can use at the bedside.The role of the nurse practitioner is growing year after year. The shortage of primary care physicians is contributing to the demand for mid-level practitioners. The availability and opportunities for advanced practice nurses are broad. Health promotion and disease prevention are at the forefront of advanced nursing. To know that I will provide the much-needed support in my community makes me feel a sense of pride.Jenkins, J., Docherty, M., & Cain, J. (2018). Advanced Nurse Practitioners impact across Primary Care. International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC), 18, 1–2.


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