The Greeks were great storytellers and loved to recount tales of their heroes from Greek mythology. A great source of Greek narrative history came from their pottery. Starting with the Geometric period, the surfaces of Greek pottery provided the means for Greeks to celebrate themselves. The purpose of this assignment is to examine Greek pottery as it changed over the years.For this assignment, create a power point presentation, using at least ten slides to trace the evolution of Greek pottery from the Geometric, Orientalizing, Archaic, Classical (Early to the High Classical period).In your presentation, please consider the following:Use visual examples to illustrate the periods, indicating the date the pottery was made, the type of pottery, (amphora, krater, kylix, etc.) the period it represents, and the creator(s) if known. Remember that many times the person, who made the pot, did not paint the pot!Note the stylistic and narrative qualities of each example; what is the story being told and how did the painter use the elements of art to recount the tale?Analyze how each period differed (if it did) from the previous period.


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