Answer the questions using 4-6 sentences only. This is not a paper just answer the questions correctly.What is the difference between persuasion and manipulation? Describe a time when you have encountered or used one or both of these. (4-6 sentences)Think of a metaphor for something that is commonly used in everyday speech. (e.g., “Her home is a prison”) Share your metaphor and describe what could happen if someone does not use critical thinking when encountering that metaphor. For example, consider how metaphors can be misinterpreted due to regional or cultural usage. Note: You may not post the same metaphor as someone else. (4-6 sentences )In what ways does Plato’s Allegory/Myth of the Cave relate to ethics? Do you think Plato’s ideas successfully refute ethical relativism? Explain.(4-6 sentences )Describe a situation where you were forced to make an ethical decision. What principles guided you in that decision? Why?


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