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https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/05/beyonce-sex-terrorist-a-menace-for-conservatives-and-liberals-alike/362085/After reading the items in the folder above related to Beyoncé, please respond to both parts below:Part 1: When you first read Berlatsky’s article, what was your reaction? Were you able to find his main argument? What aspects of his argument did you agree with or disagree with?Part 2: After reading the two example essays, did your perspective about the article change? Did you see aspects of the article that you didn’t notice before? Do you agree with the responses from either of the example essays?I need at least 400 wordswe need to use at least 2 words in red text while writing this assignmentThese are the vocabulary words for this unit.  Remember to incorporate them into your Discussion Board in this unit.Conviction          Impression          Misconception           PerspectiveProfound            Inherent              Inveterate                  AmenableImpinge              Subversion         Aestheticand I need it today PLEASE


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